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By Donna Mcconnell, Sara Nathan and Kimberley Dadds

She worried fans when she was involved in a bloody crash just two days ago.

But like the true professional she is, Cheryl Cole has already thrown herself back into work, despite having to walk around with a sling on her arm.

The Girls Aloud star has been spotted busy at work today as she rushes around London fulfilling her various interview slots.

Trooper: Cheryl Cole gets back to work in a sling just 48 hours after being involve din a bloody car crash alongside

She started the morning at Capital Radio, before moving on to Radio 1 where she had a chat with Fearne Cotton.

Cheryl was seen with a large grin on her face as she turned up to both buildings while she recovers from her injuries.

But opening up to Capital Radio's Dave Berry she revealed she only has to wear the sling for three days - and even joked the crash was's fault.

Injured: She flew straight back to London and spent this morning (Friday) attending different radio interviews across London

All smiles: She revealed to Capital Radio that she's been told by her doctor to wear the sling for three days

Bouncing back: Cheryl also revealed that the accident occurred when was busy talking to her about his latest song

She told him this morning (Friday): 'You know what, I think it's actually hurting more to have it in the sling than it does when it's not in there. I was just told to wear it for three days. I'm following doctor's orders.'

And she also shed light on how the accident came about, which saw her get hurt while in the car with her pal

The 29-year-old joked The Black Eyed Peas star wasn't concentrating as he too busy chatting away to her.

New accessory: Cole was greeted by hordes of fans as she showed up to the Radio 1 studios earlier today

Relaxed: Despite the trauma of the crash, Cheryl has been taking to Twitter to ensure her fans she has fully back on the mend

When asked by Capital Breakfast co-presenter Lisa Snowdon if was a bad driver, Cheryl replied: 'That bad a talker, I would say. He was talking the face off us... He was talking about Nasa and Mars and his song.'

And Cheryl has also been taking to Twitter to share snaps with her posing in her sling.

She received treatment for the accident which happened in Los Angeles alongside manager, who was pictured leaving hospital in a neck brace.

And she has now put it behind her to promote her new song Under The Sun.

The pop star's PA posted one snap on her Twitter page this morning alongside the cheeky caption: 'One arm bandit but trust me her mouth still works! ?#nothingthematterwithher?.'

Slinging eck: Cheryl Cole's PA posted a snap of star complete with her new accessory, a black sling on her arm Twitter page on Friday

Miss Cole is next due to film an appearance on Jonathan Ross’s ITV chat show, to be aired next Saturday.

The crash occurred after Cole – who has dropped her married name for professional purposes and will be known as ‘Cheryl’ – and Black Eyed Peas star left a recording studio.

It was, 37, a judge on BBC talent show The Voice, who was behind the wheel of the Cadillac when it drove into a parked car at around 3.30am.

Back to business: Cheryl at Capital FM with Lisa Snowdon and Dave Berry today

Cheryl was left bloodied and bruised following the early morning car crash.
The singer, 29, and her manager and close friend managed to escape the accident with only minor injuries.

The pair were pictured with blood streaming down their noses and mouths as they sat dazed in a £100,000 Cadillac in the early hours of Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Both left hospital wearing neck braces, but friends of Miss Cole insisted it was only a ‘precautionary measure’ – and within hours, the singer was boarding a flight to the UK with her arm in a sling.

The crash comes just as the singer is about to embark on a promotional tour, which begins today.

Cheryl, who has planned a series of appearances to plug her new single Under The Sun, was said to be ‘shaken’ following the incident, but a source insisted: ‘It looked worse than it was.

‘Of course, Cheryl was really shaken up. The hospitals will give you a neck brace as a precaution, but she’s gearing up for a full day of promotion, she’s fine.’

The passenger side airbag apparently failed to open and Miss Cole was thrown
headfirst into the dashboard, leaving her bleeding, bruised and wiping away tears.

Late-night burger: Cheryl Cole and - pictured here in a recent shoot - were stopping off for a McDonalds at 3.30am when the crash occurred

Witnesses said that’s airbag inflated and hit him in the face, which caused a nose bleed.

Police were called to the scene and the stars were taken to nearby Cedars-Sinai hospital, emerging wearing neck braces.

But both Miss Cole and were quick to reassure fans. wrote on Twitter: ‘Car accidents are not dope. I’m glad I’m OK.’ Responding to a friend, he added: ‘[Cheryl] and I are fine. Just a little #wiplash (sic).’

Miss Cole wrote: ‘Don’t worry me and @iamwill are fine, promise.x’

Speed racer: The Cadillac CTS is the £100,000 motor that crashed into a parked car

The pair have been close friends since Miss Cole appeared on’s solo single Heartbreaker in 2008 – her first endeavour away from her group Girls Aloud.

He went on to guide her as she began a solo career and has steered her through three albums. But in an interview and photo shoot with ES magazine, out Friday, the pair addressed rumours that they had been romantically involved.

Miss Cole, who is divorced from footballer Ashley Cole and in a new relationship with dancer Tre Holloway, said: ‘Of course that’s the natural thing people go to.

‘Heaven forbid you should have any kind of relationship with someone from the opposite sex. I was still married then too. I had always thought Will was quirky and out there and just ridiculously talented, and he is all those things.

‘He’s amazing and we just clicked straight away.’

For his part, said he was drawn to Miss Cole’s personality, describing her as: ‘Charming, approachable, adorable, sweet, broken, fragile, strong.’

The rapper denied rumours that he is gay and insisted he is ‘not lonely’.

Meanwhile, Miss Cole, who will begin her first UK solo tour on October 3, revealed that she has decided to pen an autobiography to clear up inaccuracies written about her.

She said: ‘The amount I’ve had to read and endure and cry about and deal with has become very frustrating . . . I was always happy to keep my mouth shut, but it’s like when a bully slaps someone and finally I’ve had enough.’


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