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By Lucy Buckland

Started off fun: Denise Welch, looking slightly drunk, kicks off the evening joking with the twins

They may have lived in the Playboy mansion but twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon do not appreciate being mauled - especially by ageing TV presenters.

Denise Welch sparked yet another row in the CBB house last night, this time by trying to pull Karissa's trousers down after necking alcohol.

Not content with offending one half of the blonde duo, who previously said the Loose Woman had lost all respect for herself, Denise decided to round off the evening with a verbal scrap with model WAG Nicola McLean and then a Hollywood kiss with Welsh rugby hunk Gareth Thomas.

Former Coronation street actress Denise, who is fast turning into the wild child of the house, decided to tug at her Karissa's pyjama bottoms when the girls were dancing.

Seemingly not realising the similarities between this and groping a woman on the dancefloor, the 53-year-old told the twin 'it's only a bit of fun.'

The atmosphere took a turn for the worse after Karissa told her twin: 'I don’t know if I’m cool with that' which quickly spread across the house, dragging teenager Frankie and Nicola into the row.

Touchy feely: Denise is very tactile with Karissa during the evening

Begging: Denise seems to be begging the twins for attention in tonight's episode

Back off: Formwer Playboy bunny Karissa tells Denise she doesn't appreciate being touched in that manner

In typical Celebrity BIg Brother style the argument quickly escalated with judemental Nicola bizarrely telling Denise: 'I was a page three girl for a lot of years, and you flash your boobs openly on telly and you’re cool with that? I’m not.'

Instead of diffusing the row the drunken ramblings from Denise continued with the actress telling mother-of-one Nicola: 'I’ve had a lot of things I’ve wanted to say to you in the House.'

Nicola heatingly responsed 'say it' but Denise said that she wouldn’t say anything and just insulted her for her behaviour during the letters task.

Kiss and make up: Not content with offending Karissa by tugging on her trousers the Loose Woman goes for a peck on the cheek to make it up to her

Annoyed: Twin sister Kristina Shannon has a lot to say about the issue

Exercise: After the row Nicola decided to restore her brain power by standing on her head

Married Nicola, who almost kissed Frankie in the hot tub last weekend, was so desperate for her letter from her husband and children she allowed her hosuemate's correspondance to be shredded.

As the screaming row continued nice guy Gareth was even dragged into the the argument but he refused to take sides in the screaming row.

In stills released from tonights programme Denise is later seen kissing Gareth which takes the total of housemates kissed into three.

Anyone will do...: Denise gets some physical affection from gay Welsh rugby player Gareth Thomas

And she's goes in for the kiss: Denise lets nothing get in her way on her quest for affection

Denise husband Tim Healy broke his silence yesterday saying he had enough of his wife's housemate Michael Madsen picking on her.

The actor has threatened to confront the Reservoir Dogs star and 'sort him out' to stop him from targeting the Loose Women presenter any longer.

It is not clear if he will now turn his rage onto the twins or even Nicola who had cross words with the short-haired presenter.

Floored: Nicola McLean decides on some late night exercise after her row

Abs attack: Nicola McLean larking around on the floor late last night, in a very revealing outfit

Tim admits his wife does have 'problems' when she has too much to drink but he's not being scared off by Michael's hard men credentials in his movies.

But although Tim is fuming over the behaviour towards his wife, he insists Denise has nothing to worry about when it comes to her two sons - 22-year-old Matthew and 10-year-old Louis.

He adds: 'Matthew doesn't like Michael but he doesn't watch the show. Louis watched the afternoon censored version, but he's stopped watching it because he says it's boring.'

Close: Actor Tim Healy has threatened to confront the Reservoir Dogs star if he continues to upset Denise on the show


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