Worrying: Ulrika Jonsson looked shockingly thin at the British Comedy Awards at London's Fountain Studios last night

She's prompted concern over her fluctuating weight before, and it seems Ulrika Jonsson is once again in danger of raising questions about her shocking weight loss.

The 44-year-old looked painfully thin as she stepped out onto the carpet at the British Comedy Awards last night.

The presenter's black leather drainpipe trousers were loose on her extremely slender frame.

Usually an extremely difficult garment to pull off, leather trousers make most women look curvier than they actually are.

But there was room to spare in Ulrika's, as they hung baggy from her gaunt body.

Her outfit choice was an odd one, considering that she wore black leather trousers to Comedy Awards at London's O2 arena in January.

Her weight loss was also commented on then, but she looks to have lost even more weight since.

Room to spare: Leather trousers are not known for being a slimming choice, but Ulrika's hung off her

She insisted at the time that degenerative disc disease had robbed her of her appetite and left her battling depression.

The former weather girl said: ‘I had become severely depressed and just couldn’t see a way out. I had some very dark moments during that period.’

She claimed then that she did not own a set of scales and never weighed herself, adding: ‘I would estimate that at my lowest, I weighed around seven-and-a-half-stone.

Struggle: Ulrika has claimed in the past that her periodic weight loss is due to an agonising back condition

She was adamant that she wasn't dieting, saying: ‘It was this suggestion that I was inflicting all this on myself willingly that got to me.'

'It was incredibly frustrating because the suggestion that I would risk my health for the perfect body goes against everything I’ve ever believed in.

'I’ve never been obsessed about the way my body looks – all I’ve ever wanted is to be healthy, because without our health, we have nothing.’

Past concern: There were fears for Ulrika when she revealed her incredibly bony chest on GMTV last year

She confessed: ‘I had lost my hunger not just for food, but for life. Food is a happy thing for me and I was desperately unhappy, so there was no quick fix solution of hearty meals.’

Ulrika's gaunt appearance yesterday is especially sad, considering her condition seemed to be improving a few months ago.

She told ITV's Lorraine in September: 'I am actually eating a lot more now and I feel better in myself, I feel a little bit more in control. I still have the problem, it will be ongoing, but I need to keep moving.'


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