By Georgina Littlejohn and Sarah Bull

What happened? Tara Palmer-Tomkinson looked worse for wear and dishevelled as she left London's Cirque nightclub in the early hours of Thursday morning

She had reinvented herself and wowed onlookers at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding earlier this year with her polished and glamorous appearance.

But on Wednesday night, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson looked worlds away from her society days as she wandered the streets of Soho, dishevelled and shoeless.

The 39-year-old socialite looked worse for wear as she was spotted heading home following an eventful evening which had seen her apparently get thrown out of London's Cirque nightclub.

Worlds apart: Tara's appearance was in stark contrast to her polished look at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge earlier this year

The evening had begun well enough as Tara joined close friend Duncan James, from boyband Blue, at exclusive Mayfair restaurant Nobu.

It is claimed that after Tara's meal at Nobu, she made her way to the nightspot where she partied until 2.30am until she was apparently thrown out of the club by bouncers.

What's going on? Tara looked worlds away from her usual appearance as she waited outside the club with friends including Blue's Duncan James

Ejected? It is claimed Tara was thrown out of the nightclub at around 2.30am

She was then seen arguing with the security guards for around an hour, before eventually getting into a taxi and heading home at approximately 4am.

Earlier in the evening, Tara was seen pulling her beanie hat over her eyes as she felt her way to a waiting taxi.

Famous friends: Tara and Duncan started their evening at Mayfair's Nobu restaurant before continuing the evening at Cirque du Soleil

Hiding: Earlier in the evening, Tara pulled her beanie over her face as she staggered to her waiting taxi after dinner

Help Me! Tara's friend can't stop laughing as he guides her to the car door

She also managed to lose one of her towering high heels and after a staggered attempt to put it back on, she opted to go barefoot instead.

Tara seemed determined to hide her face from the cameras as she left the Mayfair restaurant and dashed past them holding her Chanel handbag up to her face.

Forget them! After an attempt to put them back on her feet, Tara leaves her shoes discarded in the street

We know it's you! Tara covers her face with her Chanel bag as she leaves the restaurant

My shoe! Tara makes her friends laugh as she loses one of her heels in the street

Tara really knows how to party as just two nights previously she was photographed leaving the notorious Box nightclub in another worse for wear state.

With her make-up smeared and smudged around her eyes she left and appeared to have words with one of the burly doormen, and even got involved in a flashmob like impromptu dance party in the street.

She was also spotted by onlookers slumped against a wall outside of the club, was also nursing a cut on her finger.

Where are you going? Tara makes a barefoot dash up the street

Palmer Tomkinson residence, please driver: Duncan James gets in the cab with a bedraggled Tara to take her home

Tara's spokesperson explained: 'She cut her finger quite deeply while picking up her handbag from under the table.

'She caught it on broken glass. Tara then left to have it treated and was naturally in shock.'

Bedraggled: Tara left the notorious nightclub The Box a fortnight ago looking smudged and unkempt


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